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Legally you can watch Fairy Tail on Funimation (loads of Ep.s require a paid membership), Hulu (missing 13-48 & 173-175/US Only), & Crunchyroll (missing 13-48). You can watch the missing episodes plus all 4 OVAs & a movie at Anime Flavor. It has the most complete Fairy Tail collection I can find. It doesn't have series 2, but you can watch that for free on Hulu & Crunchyroll. Updates every Friday, at 10PM EST. Crunchyroll offers an episode 1 week early for paying members. ~CD
Actually I take it back, Anime Flavor does have Fairy Tail Series 2. 21 episodes; that's on par with Crunchyroll with the paid membership. And it works pretty well on mobile too. :3 Happy watching to the Fairy Tail Anon! ~CD


Alexandra Daddario in the series True Detective I may have to start watching the show


Renyuu Tales ||【sugoiderp】


Renyuu Tales ||【sugoiderp
Is there a hentai that you know that the cum looks a little realistic? Because the cum that just looks like paint just isn't cutting it for me lol

I’d actually be pretty fucking amazed if there was.

stupid question, but know where i can see all of the Fairy Tale anime? as well as some choice hentai of it?

Netflix has the first 48 episodes, if you got access to that. If not, then I’m pretty sure that one of my followers can be more helpful than I can be at the moment.

As for hentai, you can check out my fairy tail archive, or this link.



KIll La Kill
Rita and Emelia as models
photo by me