Rule 34 and Stuff
Artist: Gmeen.

Set II.

Artist: "Zet 13."

Calling Kanye a douche because of something someone else says about him is pretty assholish of you.

And getting offended by what one person says about a person saying something about another person is pretty fucking needless and pathetic of you. But then again this is Tumblr. Everybody’s gotta find something to get asshurt about.

P.S. I changed the tags to be more “friendly” about it. So now you can continue your existence on Tumblr and find another blog to anonymously cry to.

Hey boss, just hoping the fuckasses aren't getting you down with the numerous requests despite your multiple responses to the EXACT SAME FUCKING QUESTION! Some of us still love ya! And get your humor. And don't want you to stop jerking them around, because they deserve it. B-]

Thanks, Boss Anon(that’s my new name for you).


Do you have Katana from Beware The Batman? If not I guess I just have to draw her chicks myself. I'm an expert at drawing people from the waist down.

I haven’t looked her up yet, but I highly doubt there is anything much of her yet. The show is relatively new, and not very popular. I’ll look her up eventually.

Man some people don't get it. You do yo thang

I will.




It has been a while since I have posted any cosplay on this blog so I decided to make up for it by creating a photo set featuring the best cosplayer on the planet. Enjoy Bellechere’s awesomeness!

I think the polite anon was asking about the video game series Persona. I think.

Yeah, my bad. I got home after having a few too many with some friends. Misread that question. Shenanigans ensued. Now I’m hungover.